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Empathy Expanded

Empathy has broad definitions in various fields and it is often characterized as the ability to experience the feeling of another. Empathy could also be related to intuitive emotional intelligence. I describe ’empathy’ as a form of connectivity and sensitivity to various experiences, which is also triggered through familiarity.

Empathy is not entirely based on emotions , it includes the ability to tune into streams of consciousness on a holistic level which transcends the concepts of gender, culture,race and age; each individual has a unique “empathetic” imprint just as a our genetic make up.

Often empathy is either associated with women or described as a psychic gift . What I will share in the article transcends the ideas of empathy and connects us to our fundamental essence and connectivity to all. I have not found another term to describe such wonders yet I truly know that there is more depth in regards to “empathy” which is to be conceived.

5 Vital tips to expand Empathy

  1. Be of service : This does not mean to assume everyone is in need of saving. But to actually acknowledge the challenges which are faced and formulate a way to assist the nation by being proactive in your home, community or country. Empathy creates the ability to innerstand and provide possibilities to heal.
  2. Harness your intelligence: We all naturally have the ability to cultivate empathy and it all depends on our state of Being and will to connect beyond barriers.
    When you feel that which is not pleasant, use your intelligence/consciousness to alter the situation by choosing harmonious actions.
  3. Be mindful :The perception of empathy begins when we deeply feel what another may be feeling through a shift or resonance. Avoid the assumption that you have all the answers despite feeling a certain way. Be aware of everything around you in every moment.
  • Be authentic:Due to the lack of self awareness and management, confusion arises when we attach and personalise what we sense or detect from the environment or people. Being empathetic does not mean facing the mirror away and focusing on others. To be empathetic towards yourself requires absolute transparency.
  • Lastly, treat people the way you want to be treated. Acknowledge what is causing discord and be kind. Empathy could be seen as a form of language , communicating in ways which transcends limitations of spoken word.

The wonders of Empathy

  • Many children are born ’empathetic’ and usually are expressions of the pure essence. Some children grow up still connected to the pure essence and others experience blockages due to conditioning or fear.
  • It is possible that in a room full of 50 people , 40% of the individuals will sense what another may be feeling or thinking. The other 10% would be individuals who have intense barriers towards tuning into the connectivity.
  • We are intertwined , constantly feeding or feeling each other’s energy/perceptions. Just like the characteristics of an atom, we are constantly colliding with every molecule whether it is an animate or inanimate object. Thus, to a certain degree we all have an element of empathy and the growth to cultivate a purified connectivity depends on the way we exercise our will power to grow in self awareness.
  • The ’empathetic’ energy signals which we recieve are glimpses of our pure essence. Every single universal living organism has receptors which awaken the resonance of connectivity through purified channels.
  • The neurotransmitters in our brain also play a role in the resonance of empathetic experiences. You could speculate that an existence of a geometric design is dependent on balance and resonance of interconnections between the different aspects of Being. Every energy emitted can be detected , directed and tapped into depending on the “transparency” as well as the delicate link.

Look at nature For example; The atmosphere has many layers which have an “empathetic” connectivity to all living organisms, a unique structure which can direct vital rays needed to reach earth while reflecting other harmful rays back into space. It is like a filter and In order for the atmosphere to do this it needs to tap into the energy with absolute certainty of its function. Thus, empathy could also be perceived as a “filter” or “sponge” with the ability to absorb and filter a variety of energy signals including emotions & thoughts. It is also a way to resonate and experience more; to direct energy signals or respond to different experiences with the assistance of emotional intelligence.

Another example would be;

  • The butterfly has an ability to adapt to the colours of a flower, leaf, or branch; to a point you cannot detect the butterfly due to the harmonious connectivity towards the environment. The way self camouflaging creatures adapt to their environment is an extension of empathy. As humans, we can consciously connect to the environment which provides more information on the way we may approach or react to what is sensed. Thus, we should harness more of our intelligence to co-create harmoniously .

  • Lastly, there is an existence of land frogs which change colour according to weather conditions. This is similar to “empaths” who may experience mood or physical changes according to the environment; as we can see, it is a wonderful natural phenomena which exists through all living organisms.

When we acquire balance,clarity and a deeper understanding of the harmonious interconnections between all living creatures, will not only feel but know more.

Empathy could be defined as a natural unfolding of the interconnections between different species and the environment. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to overstand the role of the emotions in every experience, as well as a tool to harmoniously approach each situation. Thus, intuition could be defined as the unconscious ability to experience empathy without reasoning.

Empathy is truly beyond emotions and every being can experience the wonders of connectivity by simply releasing the limiting ideas we have placed in regards to empathy.

Remeber to Connect to the Heart

Peace Be Upon Us ALL


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